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Customizable Air Compression Recovery Boots Manufacturer

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Material ABS and TPU
Size/Weight  21*25.6*22.7cm  1.5kg
Treating Model Mode A/B/C
Pressure range 60-240mmHg
Input voltage 110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power 18W
Plug Available according to different markets like the US, and EU standards.

4 chambers air compression boots,
classic model that has stood the test of time in the market

“Our 4-chamber air compression boots provide full coverage compression to the feet, calves, and thighs, helping to flush out lactic acid and improve circulation. They offer a customizable recovery experience, with multiple pressure settings and adjustable timing options. These boots can be used with hot and cold therapy for maximum benefit, providing added relief to sore muscles and joints. Perfect for athletes or anyone looking to speed up recovery time and reduce muscle tension, our 4-chamber boots will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next challenge.”

Ai intelligent chip

Smarter features: Our Ai Smart Chip allows for more advanced and precise control of our recovery appliances, resulting in more effective and efficient recovery results.

Enhanced security: With the Ai, Smart Chip, our recovery equipment machines are able to detect and alert to potential safety hazards in real time. This ensures that our products operate safely and securely, giving users greater peace of mind.

Customizable experience: Our Ai Smart Chip allows for greater customization and personalization of the Recovery Appliance Machine’s settings and features.

Future-proof technology: The Ai Smart Chip constantly evolves and improves, allowing our devices to keep pace with the latest technological advances. This means that our products will continue to be relevant and valuable for years.

Continuous Compression & Deep Relaxation

For faster and more effective recovery, engineers designed a more snug-fitting leg sleeve and used a state-of-the-art seal for it to provide a full coverage massage targeting all major muscle groups in the legs. The massage system has six air chambers that are sequentially inflated and deflated to provide constant and steady pressure to your legs, simulating a deep tissue massage.

wider selection

Get the personal masseuse



Each airbag is inflated intermittently in turn and massaged intermittently from the distal to the proximal end.



Each airbag is sequentially and continuously inflated and massaged intermittently from the distal to the proximal end.



Each of the 2 airbags is sequentially inflated intermittently and massaged intermittently from the distal to the proximal end.


Fully Charged & Fully Discharged

All airbags are intermittently inflated and wrapped for an overall massage.

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