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More opportunities for more entrepreneurs and more changes to the market,
from production to after-sales, to solve all your worries.

More opportunities for more entrepreneurs and more changes to the market,
from production to after-sales, to solve all your worries.

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“A faster and more effective massage,
from performance to pain relief, provides ultimate enjoyment.”*

Provides quieter, more efficient, and longer-lasting massage

*Based on extensive market feedback, ensuring a triple combination of safety, quality and service.

“A faster and more effective massage,
from performance to pain relief, provides ultimate enjoyment.”*

Provides quieter, more efficient and longer-lasting massage

*Based on extensive market feedback, ensuring a triple combination of safety, quality and service.

Our Heartfelt Message

In order to provide faster and more effective rehabilitation services to people around the world, founder David founded KONBEST, recruited seven senior engineers, and introduced the latest T-2.51 production equipment to achieve a faster production speed with quality assurance and better At the same time, in order to enable people better to use it without the financial burden and at the same time give more entrepreneurs Some opportunities, David keeps compressing profits and strives to bring more and better changes to the market.

High quality, fashion leading,
reasonable & competitive price.

  • Directly manufacturing factory with competitive price and quality control.

  • Professional advice to help you purchase the product you want.

  • Professional export service team service in the deal.

  • Customization service is available, OEM and ODM business is appreciated.

  • We will inspect and test all the products carefully to ensure no damage and lost.

  • The success of our cooperation can be guaranteed for our company is a credible and honest partner.

  • Konbest Returns Policy: All Items Are Returnable And Exchangeable.

We can provide product samples and detailed product specifications for customers to reference. Additionally, we can provide third-party inspection reports and quality certificates to demonstrate product quality. If required, we can also provide opportunities for customers to visit our production base and quality management system.

We will provide detailed production plans for customers after order confirmation and report production progress promptly according to customer requirements. If there is any delay or other issues, we will communicate with customers first time and provide solutions. Additionally, we can provide shipment tracking services as requested by customers, so that customers can know the shipping status of the goods at any time.

Yes, we can customize production according to customer requirements. We have a professional R&D team and production equipment to meet different customized needs of customers. Customers can provide their own design drawings or samples, and we will produce according to their requirements.

We will provide after-sales service according to customer requirements. If the goods received by the customer have quality problems or do not match the order, we will contact the customer as soon as possible and provide corresponding solutions. We have a professional after-sales service team to provide quick response and solutions.

We accept various payment methods in multiple currencies, including wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, etc. Customers can choose a payment method that suits their needs. We will provide detailed payment and account information for customers.

Yes, we can provide samples. Customers can select the required samples and pay the corresponding sample fees and courier fees. We will send out the samples as soon as possible after receiving the payment, so that customers can confirm the product quality.

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I recently worked with this company as a purchaser and was very impressed with their products and services. The communication was excellent, and they were always responsive to my inquiries. The pricing was competitive, and they offered exclusive prices for bulk purchases. The after-sales service was top-notch, and they went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for high-quality products and exceptional service.

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Richard Jeremy

This is my personal recommendation.

I recently purchased some products and I feel that the quality is really good. I really like them. I also really appreciate their customer service. They are always very quick to answer my questions and provide me with assistance. I’m really glad I chose this brand and I will definitely purchase their products again and recommend them to my friends and family.

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Evan Hoffman

I am an Amazon seller and I can’t name my brand for privacy reasons, but I am so happy with our work with this company that I wrote this review to them to give more support.

The quality of their products is very good and their prices are very competitive, which makes our sales performance very good. We are also supported by their marketing, which has further increased our exposure and sales. In addition, the after-sales service they provide is excellent, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their shopping experience.

All in all, I highly recommend working with this company, they are an excellent and trustworthy supplier.

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Alicia Regnier




How does the fascia gun perform its work?

Massage gun uses a special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head” to generate high-frequency vibration to the deeper layers of muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain and promote blood circulation.
Fascial gun transmits force and vibration to human fascia through high-frequency vibration, which can increase blood flow and relax muscles, and can make human tissues produce relative displacement through resonance, reduce tissue adhesion, restore the elasticity of muscles and fascia, and relax the tense and stiff fascia, which can relieve some discomfort symptoms of the human body.

4 Benefits of using a massage gun

  1. Relieve muscle pain and fatigue like our daily sedentary, long-term non-change posture, muscle pain problems caused by exercise, you can use the fascia gun on the muscle parts of the blow to relieve soreness and fatigue, but also to promote blood circulation, promote soft tissue repair, is a very good massage tool.
  2. Prevent strains during exercise before using the fascia gun can relax the muscle fascia and deep muscle tissue, and activate muscle vitality, so that it is quickly into working condition, equal to doing a stretch to prevent injuries during exercise.
  3. Prevent muscle fibrosis, and muscle atrophy through the fascia gun high-frequency vibration to transfer the force to the deep fascia, so that the muscle instantly relaxes, promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle fibrosis, and prevents muscle atrophy.
  4. Use after exercise, to soothe muscle pain when we exercise muscles will produce lactic acid, if not timely evacuation will lead to muscle pain, fatigue, and the use of a massage gun can be a good decomposition of lactic acid produced during exercise, and relax the muscle.

3 Hazards of using massage gun

  1. Damage to our muscles fascia gun is a massage tool that drives the massage head to hit the body through the vibration frequency, if you do not pay attention to the method or the use of the product is not professional enough, does not match their muscle characteristics, it may lead to muscle damage, redness and tearing and other situations.
  2. Injury and bones, serious will cause bone fracture Many fascia guns on the market will be equipped with metal massage heads, also advertised massage up more strength, but in fact, this type of massage head thrust, percussion force is too large, if a slight inadvertence touches the joints there is a great probability of injury to the bones, resulting in bone fracture.
  3. Some hidden chronic hazards on the market, many fascia guns are actually not very professional, hitting the strength is not stable, and poor compatibility, may not be a big problem in a short period of time, but brought about by chronic injuries, such as time will appear muscle redness, muscle tears, and other injuries.

Causes of harm from massage gun

  1. Blindly follow the trend to buy products that are not suitable for you Everyone’s muscle characteristics are different, due to daily habits, sports habits bring different muscle problems and muscle resistance, and density is also different, which requires us to select the right fascia gun according to their own situation, in order to achieve effective massage at the same time not to damage the body, so do not think that others good things must be suitable for you.
  2. Superstition Europe and the United States big brand Europe and the United States for sports and fitness enthusiasm is far more than other countries, so many people will feel that the produce these massage tools must be more professional, but know that Europe and the United States is the pursuit of the kind of large muscle training effect, so those in Europe and the United States of the myofascial gun hit strength and vibration and other performance is to develop with reference to these needs, for most of the pursuit of shaping effect of people It is not suitable for use.
  3. Choose cheap products on the market fascia gun products’ price range is very large, many people will like to buy relatively low-cost products, but I do not know that these products lack technical research, with poor materials, safety can not be guaranteed and the use of life will be very short, easy to bring harm to the body.
  4. Choose some Netroots products now fascia gun products are very hot, and many Netroots are carrying goods, waiting to have to rely on hype fire up the Netroots brand is not professional, has no core technology, empty fascia gun appearance, uses will greatly increase the probability of muscle damage, so be sure to choose a professional product is more reliable.

Do massage guns help build muscle?

Fascial gun in fitness is mainly used to relieve muscle stiffness after exercise, loosen the deep fascia, disintegrate lactic acid, and thus eliminate muscle soreness ~ use after exercise before static stretching can save valuable gym time! Time-saving and efficient!

As for muscle gain, that’s not working!

As for gaining muscle and growing meat, that must be more in, less out to do, more food, and more exercise! Rest enough!!!

Can I lose weight with a fascia gun?

The fascial gun is mainly used to relieve the tension of muscles and fascia and does not have the function of weight loss. The fascial gun is generally only applicable to muscle soft tissue, such as legs, arms, and other parts of the body, and should not be used for the neck, chest, and abdominal cavity, armpits such as muscle thickness is thin, and close to organs and aorta parts, otherwise, it is easy to cause accidental injury, so using a fascial gun to massage the stomach to lose weight is a very unscientific practice.

Considerations for selecting a massage gun supplier.

Here are some considerations for selecting a recovery boot supplier:

  1. Quality: Look for a supplier that offers high-quality massage & fascia gun pro made with durable materials.
  2. Price: Compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you are getting a competitive price.
  3. Range of products: Choose a supplier that offers a range of fascia gun with different sizes and features.
  4. Customer service: Look for a supplier that offers excellent customer service, including fast response times and helpful advice.
  5. Warranty: Choose a supplier that offers a warranty on their massage guns to ensure you are protected in case of any defects or issues.
  6. Customization options: Consider a supplier that offers customization options, such as branding or custom sizing.
  7. Delivery time: Look for a supplier that can deliver your order in a timely manner.
  8. Reviews: Read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the supplier’s reputation and quality of service.

By considering these factors, you can find a recycling boot provider that meets your needs, and Konbest’s strengths in these areas are unparalleled.

What is recovery in sports training?

Recovery in sports training is the process by which the body rests and recovers after physical activity. It is an important part of any training program because it helps prevent injuries, reduces muscle soreness and in turn improves performance. Recovery techniques include common rest, hydrotherapy, nutritional supplementation, stretching, massage and other forms of therapy. Through these athletes can restore their physical and mental health and get themselves into training and normal life faster.