Four sports recovery tips that athletes should know

Four sports recovery tips that athletes should know

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Newton was right all along: for every action, there really is a reaction. Recovery is always a very important and critical part for most athletes at any time. For the past 15 years, we have focused on developing the latest and greatest rehabilitation technologies to benefit more professional athletes. Most, if not all, of these recovery strategies have been adopted by professional athletes. Of course, we do have a massage device that can make the athlete’s body and limbs recover quickly and the price is quite cheap. Because our goal is to enable all athletes to achieve their maximum potential at their peak.

At present, some studies have shown that air wave pressure cycle massager has a certain effect on exercise recovery, and studies have pointed out that air wave pressure cycle massage can improve muscle soreness and fatigue, and shorten the recovery time after exercise. This is because massage can improve blood circulation, lymphatic fluid flow and waste removal, thereby reducing muscle damage and inflammatory responses. In addition, air wave pressure cycle massage can also promote muscle relaxation and relaxation, reducing muscle tension and discomfort. In addition, individual differences may also affect the effect of air wave pressure cycle massage on exercise recovery. Each person’s physical condition and needs are different, and the response to massage stimulation will be different.

To sum up, although the current research supports the effect of air wave pressure circulation massager on exercise recovery, individuals should judge according to their own conditions when using and use under the guidance of professionals.


Sleep on it

The recovery methods after exercise include physical recovery, physiological recovery and psychological recovery, of which sleep belongs to the physiological and psychological levels. With the increase in the amount of exercise of athletes, athletes gradually produce huge fatigue, then people will win a huge desire to sleep, but it is not the longer the sleep the better, the correct and effective high-quality sleep will help athletes to recover energy and physical strength. And high-quality sleep can help improve athletes’ metabolism and relieve muscle soreness, so that athletes’ state can reach a higher leve

Fascial Massage Ball& Foam Rolling:

Fascia massage balls can stimulate and relax fascia and muscle tissue by applying pressure and friction. It can help relieve tense fascia, reduce muscle tension and spasms, and promote muscle relaxation and relaxation. This helps reduce muscle pain and discomfort and improves post-exercise comfort. When you use fascia ball massage for the first time, you may give up because of pain, that is because your body needs it, need to use it to relax your fascia junctions, so that you can avoid injury during exercise, our fascia massage ball is convenient to carry and can better help you warm up during exercise.

JM015 Powerful power fascia gun exercise relaxation


During exercise, the body will sweat, resulting in water loss. Adequate water intake can help replace lost water and keep the body in water balance. This helps prevent dehydration and maintain the body’s normal function.

Toxin elimination: Adequate water intake can promote the elimination of metabolites and toxins. Exercise produces waste products such as lactic acid, and adequate hydration helps remove these waste products from the body, reducing the time of muscle soreness and fatigue.

Joint lubrication: Movement will bring some impact and pressure to the joints. Moisture helps keep joints lubricated and reduces friction and wear. This helps reduce joint pain and discomfort and promotes joint recovery and repair.


There are many recovery options for athletes. Athletes can choose according to their actual situation and economic conditions. Of course, it can make the athlete’s body recover quickly and without side effects. Our air wave pressure circulation massager is the first choice, which can help the athlete reach the peak state. Sleep and hydration can help our body recover after exercise.